Oracle Magazine November 2012

oracle magazine free download dunia database programmerI didn’t count the number of conversa-tions I had or heard that included the word, but I’m quite comfortable saying that cloudwas the word of the week at Oracle’s conferences and events in San Francisco, California, September 29 through October 5, 2012. There were announcements focused explicitly on Oracle cloud technologies and solutions, but cloud was also a big part of every Oracle product, technology, and service announcement and discussion.

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison’s Sunday keynote at Oracle OpenWorld 2012 was about cloud computing, including the history of cloud computing going back to NetSuite in 1998 and the beginnings of Oracle Fusion Applications development in 2004. Ellison discussed public and private clouds, the levels of cloud services—software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and infrastructure as a service (IaaS)—and their key components, and Oracle’s latest offerings in each of these service areas.

Ellison talked about Oracle technologies designed specifically for better cloud com-puting, from infrastructure and private cloud services to database multitenancy and engi-neered systems. He also unveiled the latest Oracle engineered systems releases and discussed their infrastructure and platform support for cloud computing.

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