Oracle Magazine 2013

Oracle Magazine March 2013

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Cloud Documentaries | In this issue of Oracle Magazine, real organizations use Oracle public and private cloud solutions—including Oracle Cloud, Oracle Database, and Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c—to put their own customers first, integrate cloud and legacy information systems, move their standards-based cloud solutions between different cloud service providers, deploy solutions in Oracle Cloud and private cloud environments, and more. See “Utility Computing in the Cloud” (page 24) and “Banking on a Private Cloud” (page 30) in this issue to learn more about how three organizations use and benefit from Oracle cloud solutions.

The Oracle Cloud and Oracle private cloud solutions featured in this issue also rely on Oracle engineered systems, including Oracle Exadata and Oracle Exalogic. And because these are real-world stories, no mainframes of any kind were used in the successful deployment of and access

In movies and television shows, information technology is often scaled down to fit the story. That magically computed result, that missing electronic file, and that unknown password that will stop something bad or start something good can go from nonexistent to resolved in one brief scene. And for historical reasons, I suppose, the significant computing power in most screen fiction seems to come from a vintage mainframe— rather than a modern supercomputer or engineered system.

I haven’t seen too many references to cloud computing in movies or on television, but those that I have seen seem limited to the idea that a treasured file or information the hero or villain may be looking for is safe from local mayhem because it is safely stored “in the cloud.” Fortunately, the fact that a movie or television show delivers a very narrow definition of cloud computing as internet-located storage isn’t likely to break the on-screen story or reduce the entertainment value of a production.

Oracle Magazine January 2013

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This issue of Oracle Magazine presents and celebrates the winners in all of the 2012 Oracle Excellence Awards programs, including the Oracle Excellence Awards for CIO of the Year, Technologist of the Year, and Database Administrator of the Year.

Managing nominations, judging, trophy design and delivery, events, publicity, and more across 12 awards programs is no small collection of responsibilities. Oracle Global Customer Programs oversees the 12 Oracle Excellence Awards programs, coordinates many of these activities, and deserves much congratulations and thanks for all of its efforts. The judging processes vary across the different awards categories, but several programs — including Technologist of the Year — use Oracle user group leaders as judges. Thanks to these community leaders for volunteering their time and expertise. Thanks also to the nominators, designers, and everyone else who worked behind the scenes.